Primary Health Care

Tradition meets future

The general medical practice Medizin Mariahilf, i.e. the new PHC Medizin Mariahilf, is based on a sound foundation of enthusiasm for medicine, experience, competence, and the willingness to adapt to new challenges through innovative solutions.

Founded in 1984 by the general physician Dr. Franz Mayrhofer, the practice continually evolved over the course of 25 years to become a crucial part of the general medical care in the area surrounding the Mariahilferstraße.

To continue providing high-quality medical care in the face of increasing patient numbers, Dr. Franz Mayrhofer was able to gain Dr. Wolfgang Mückstein as a partner in 2009. Together with a team of experienced employees, and in only two years’ time, they became one of the most successful group practices in Vienna. Already in 2013, in response to the ever increasing popularity of the practice Dr. Fabienne Lamel, a dedicated physician with specific experience in orthopedic treatments, was brought into the Team as a third partner.

Convinced that especially the medical services contributed by the state’s health insurance providers deserve an innovation boost, the partners decided to turn the practice into a primary healthcare center (PHC). A consequence of this decision was the move into significantly larger and state-of-the-art facilities. Primary healthcare needs a modern, open yet scientifically grounded approach to medicine, full accessibility for all, and employment relationships that respect and incorporate the different skills and needs of employees.

To ensure this, the PHC Medizin Mariahilf has formed a network of partners in medical professions, among health insurance providers and within the Viennese municipality. The common goal is for general medicine to move towards the future, and we will do our best to successfully shape this path, always keeping our patients in mind.

In 2021, right in the middle of the corona pandemic, Dr. Mückstein was appointed Austrian Minister of Health. Dr. Wolfgang Weinhappel took over his position in the physician’s team of Medizin Mariahilf. Next to a full-time position at the internistic emergency room of the Donauspital, Dr. Weinhappel has worked as a substitute physician at Medizin Mariahilf for many years. He covers not only all aspects of general medicine but also has a special interest for internal and pulmonary diseases.

Team Medizin Mariahilf